Faced with soaring commodity prices, CPME calls for support measures

Supply disruptions, delivery delays, soaring commodity prices: the recovery of certain sectors, in particular construction and industry, is being hampered by the consequences of the health crisis linked to Covid-19. The Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CPME) must go to the Ministry of the Economy on Tuesday, June 15, and present its recommendations to support French companies in the face of this unprecedented situation.

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In the short term, the Confederation wishes taking into account the theory of unforeseeability “, so that a contract can be re-examined by a judge following“A change of circumstances which could not be foreseen at the time of its formation”. Regarding contracts with the public sector, she suggests that the parties can agree together to index the prices to take account of the reality of the economic situation of the sectors ”. Still on the subject of the public sector, the CPME is also proposing the reactivation of the freezing of late penalties, as in spring 2020, “And this, at least, until the end of 2021”.

On the private side, the employers’ organization suggests giving the possibility of calling on the business mediator to review the contracts in terms of price and time, including when the market has been negotiated at a firm price “. “ We have had increasingly pressing returns from the various sectors, which are facing very disparate price increases », Explains Joëlle Prévot-Madeère, president of the Industry section of CPME, who oversaw the drafting of the proposals.

“France must protect its economic sovereignty”

The most spectacular increase is that of the price of ferrous metals (+ 91%), but the price of rubber has also jumped by 34%, and that of wood, by 25% in one year. “, she adds, which had a strong impact on the cardboard and office industries. The food industry is also affected, first by the rise in the price of agricultural materials, then by that of packaging (+ 10% to + 20%).

Difficulties in the supply of raw materials affect 69% of companies in construction and industry

Another recommendation from the Confederation: the extension, under the conditions that prevailed until the end of May, of the coverage of partial unemployment for businesses shut down for lack of materials ”. Finally, in the longer term, France must protect its economic sovereignty », Insists Mme Prévot-Madeira, while recalling that the shortage situation is partly due to China. Beijing, in fact, has monopolized orders for raw materials, its economic activity having restarted more quickly.

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