Fallout 2 Remake is shown on video, it’s amazing!

Released in 1998, the legendary Fallout 2 inevitably shows its old age. But enthusiasts are giving him the Remake he deserves on Fallout 4, and that’s very appealing.

There are plenty of ultra-promising Fallout 4 fan projects, but this one could top them all. Called Project Arroyo, the mod intends to offer a 3D reproduction of the absolutely legendary second opus of the iconic post-apocalyptic franchise. Unfortunately, its release still seems very far away. But his first drafts are clearly a dream.

A very promising unofficial Fallout 2 Remake

While the Fallout series is in full swing on Prime Video, many projects around the post-apocalyptic license are coming out of their Vault. We had already told you about Cascadia, allowing you to visit a devastated version of Seattle for the first time in the franchise. We also have Fallout London, due this month. Similar and very ambitious mods are legion. But the most exciting of all is certainly the one allowing you to play the second opus for the first time in 3D.

In any case, this is the objective of Project Arroyo. A passionate team of modders intends to completely rebuild Fallout 2 in the fourth part, and therefore completely readapt this game originally in an isometric view. You will have understood, the task is truly colossal just for the decorations. The mod is therefore progressing slowly but surely. But the presentation videos shared throughout development continue to increase excitement about it. See instead.

A project with atomic ambitions

Not content with wanting to reproduce the settings of Fallout 2 in 3D, Project Arroyo intends to pay complete homage to this timeless title. All game characters, all dialogue options and all situations, even the most immoral, will be readapted to Fallout 4. Even elements removed from the base game and other secrets will be present on the mod.

An absolutely colossal work, which will first be released in English, before being fully translated later. But the modders still need to reach the end of this truly atomic project. Unfortunately, they do not currently have a release date to announce in this regard. But we will certainly keep a very curious and excited eye on the progress of Project Arroyo, possibly one of the most promising mods ever produced around the Fallout games.

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