“Far-right tract”: Mélenchon responds to the “Point”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon hardly tasted the front page of Point this week, titled “The truth about Mr. Mélenchon”. On Twitter, the former presidential candidate – who did not wish to respond to requests from Point – was indignant at this publication of Thursday, May 12 and the portrait dedicated to him. ” But Point is a far-right tract. Not a diary,” he wrote. The candidate who came third in the presidential election therefore went to the front, to rebel against our investigation, as did several tenors of La France insoumise.

“Intelligence at a standstill”. MP Clémentine Autain also tweeted, while her colleague in the hemicycle Alexis Corbière preferred to see in “the crude and caricatural, almost laughable fear of this kind of weekly and its headlines against us, the measure of the real popular dynamic engaged with the #Nupes”.

For his part, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s campaign manager, Manuel Bompard, compared our weekly to the far-right satirical newspaper Minute. This front page comes one month before the first round of the legislative elections, on Sunday June 12.

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The director of Point, Étienne Gernelle, in response to this attack, asked Jean-Luc Mélenchon in a tweet to “tell us the list of newspapers worthy – according to him – of being so called. This would allow those who failed (including Point, obviously) to prepare a “plan B” in case he becomes Prime Minister…”. Adding in a second tweet: “Did Mr. Mélenchon fail to read before twittering or is he pretending not to have read? Most of the criticisms that we address to him relate precisely to what brings him closer to Mrs. Le Pen ”.

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