fashion, decoration, luxury … How to choose them well?

The second-hand market continues to grow, especially online. Whether in fashion or decoration, buying second-hand allows you to get things at a lower price. Bonus: it’s an ecological gesture since you no longer buy new. How to do ? We guide you.

Whether in terms of fashion or decoration, the second hand is very popular in France. This concept is attracting more and more people for economic, ecological and ideological questions. Indeed, mass consumption is no longer on the rise. Say goodbye to thoughtless shopping in stores that sell products made by underpaid people living on the other side of the world. More and more, we prefer to make reasoned purchases in French product chains or on second-hand item sales platforms. We are of course familiar with the online advertising platform Vinted, but other brands such as Zalando or La Redoute have also launched their second-hand platform on their site, proof that the opportunity appeals to buyers.

Selling second-hand products, that is, products that have already been worn / used, has several advantages. In addition to being an eco-friendly consumer choice, the second-hand market allows you to find decorative pieces or original clothes that are rather recent or even downright vintage that you will not see on / from everyone. This approach also offers the possibility of reviving objects, clothes, shoes or accessories. How to do ? We guide you.

How to choose the right second-hand or second-hand clothes?

Getting into the second-hand fashion market can seem complicated. Follow our guide to help you. First, choose your sales platform wisely. Of course, you can go to stores in your city, such as thrift stores. But for a matter of practicality, online sales can be considered. The best known are Vinted, Le bon coin and Vide dressing, which connect individuals. Other well-known sites, such as Zalando and La Redoute, have developed their own platform on their site. The goal ? Propose a new consumption model and make available products already worn. So you can do your shopping and choose new pieces to enrich your wardrobe. To make the right choice at the time of purchase, here are the basic rules:

  • Be sure to check the condition of what you are purchasing.
  • You inquire about the original price. Some people wish to resell their item at a price higher than or equivalent to the price of new. Check that this is not the case by consulting the brand’s website if the product is still available.
  • Look at the item’s proof of authentication if it is a scratched part.

What platforms offer vintage luxury second hand?

Sites offer second-hand luxury pieces. This can allow some to indulge themselves by purchasing their first luxury bag, item of clothing or accessory without having to pay a high price. In addition, vintage luxury at the coast: nothing more trendy than a beautiful classic that has lived. To obtain your clothing, your pair of shoes or your accessory in complete safety, sites like Vide Dressing ask the seller for proof and have their own authentication service. Thus, impossible to buy a copy.

If you prefer to rent vintage luxury pieces, know that brands and sites offer this item rental service. The principle ? Borrow a dress, bag or other luxury accessory for a fixed period of time and then return it. Practical, economical and ecological!

Where to find second-hand furniture and decor?

Fashion is not the only one to follow the trend of the occasion: the decoration also surfs on the concept. And for good reason: buying new furniture is sometimes very expensive and is not very ecological. To furnish your home and make you happy, nothing like Le bon coin or Vinted, but also Selency, with its cutting edge selection. Your office, living room, kitchen… All the rooms in the house can be revamped with second-hand furniture. Online, you will find original and vintage decorative objects, or on the contrary new and never used pieces.

Tip: If you are looking for a specific piece of furniture or object because it is too expensive new or is out of stock, use the search bar and put exactly what you want. This is the best way to save time. You can even set yourself an alert that will let you know when the product will be available. Before you fall for a room, remember to take all the measures, keeping in mind that antique furniture can be imposing in small spaces. Happy second-hand shopping!

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