Fashion trend 2024: These pants are now flying out of the wardrobe

Get rid of it now!
These pants are now finally flying out of our wardrobe

Bye, bye dear former it-pieces. 3 pants that are now flying out of the closet.


For most of us, hardly a day goes by without pants around our legs. But which model is a fashion trend for 2024 – and which one is not? Watch out: these pants are now flying out of the closet.

As we all know, fashion is an eternal cycle: sometimes we choose flashy colors and extravagant cuts, sometimes we choose simple patterns and basics and prefer to hold back. Changing this year? Definitely the fashion section Pants! Here the trend barometers are experiencing a major switch again. So which pants will finally be thrown out in the fashion cycle? BRIGITTE reveals which models are included if you want to be inspired by the trends and go through the year in style.

Fashion trend 2024: These pants are flying out of the wardrobe

1. Cropped jeans

Dear Jeans, slow down – we can’t say that sentence anymore. At least if he follows the latest trends. Because according to them, cropped jeans are past their peak. Although they’re still available to buy, cropped pants are no longer the hottest or most flattering option this year. The problem: We’re all just tired of the eternal search for the ideal cropped length. If they are too short, the trousers look like flood trousers and if they are too long, they are literally nothing half or whole.

2. Chino pants

Chino pants are among the immortal fashion classics. In 2024 these will still be considered out. The trousers with the shortened trouser legs, which are usually worn in muted shades such as beige or khaki and are characterized by a straight cut, no longer look contemporary this season and quickly look stuffy or old-fashioned. This fashion trend can therefore safely be sorted out when cleaning for the New Year.

3. Low waist pants

The duel between low- and high-waist trousers will reach its peak in 2024. The winner: the high-rise jeans. Because while the ultra-high version in the 90s and 00s hype of the last few years at fashion shows like your own wardrobe usually lost out, now it’s the trousers with the low waistband. This season the trousers can therefore be extra high. If the jeans reach above the belly button or even the ribs, they fit perfectly to be on trend in 2024. Bye, bye low pants.


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