Fashion: Tweed is the trend material in summer

Tweed is the trend material in summer

Chanel has made tweed a timeless classic.


Tweed is the trend material in summer – and not just for clothing. Accessories are now also available à la Coco Chanel.

Tweed as far as the eye can see: The Scottish-inspired fabric pattern comes in delicate pastel tones in summer and should definitely not be missing in the wardrobe of the style-conscious woman. Of course, the luxury label Chanel is setting the tone here as always. Numerous designers also rely on timeless wool for their accessories.

A casual tweed jacket?

Tweed jackets are an evergreen. Even the fashion professional knows that Fashion blogger Thérèse Hellströmwho goes for a shortsuit in a powdery rosé to go with the summer. So that the look doesn’t come across as too classic, she breaks the style with a simple, white T-shirt that gives the outfit a sporty charm.

Influencer Alexandra Lapp likes things elegant. Her light green tweed jacket from Chanel harmonises perfectly with the beige two-piece suit made up of wide suit trousers and waistcoat from Dior. A black Birkin bag and high pumps perfect the stylish look.

Tweed from head to toe

And since there obviously can’t be enough tweed this summer, the coarse woven fabric is also gaining ground in the accessory collections. Thérèse Hellström, for example, chooses a mint green blazer and pink T-shirt for her pastel look a beige tweed handbag with a black and yellow check pattern.

Also Headgear such as fishing hats and Sailor Caps are now tweed-style but shouldn’t be paired with clothing made of the same fabric. It is better to put on a simple outfit, so the accessories come into their own. This also applies to shoes. Whether pumps, stilettos, mules or loafers – tweed is used for a number of summer models.