Fathers' doubts: Men talk about their insecurities

We are all not machines. That's why it's perfectly okay if you as a mother or father have doubts about yourself from time to time. Up until now, mothers who, for example, did not know how to reconcile family, marriage and career have often had their say. Sure, the expectations and social pressure for mothers are particularly high. But fathers also have to nibble on a few things in everyday life. They too sometimes feel like they are a bad father. On the "Whisper" platform, they openly talk about why they have a guilty conscience.

There are many reasons

The feeling of not being enough as a father can arise for a variety of reasons. The fathers who open up to "Whisper" tell, for example, of lack of time, financial problems or marital crises. But they all have one thing in common: They want to be more of a "dad" for their children – and every man obviously defines the word differently.

Keep in mind: You don't have to be perfect

With all the self-criticism that is completely normal in between, one should above all bear in mind that no one is perfect: no mother, no dad, no grandma, no grandpa. We all do our best. And if we stumble sometimes, it's not a shame, it's part of life and being a parent. It is not wrong to question yourself again and again in between, because you can grow with self-reflection. Driving yourself crazy does the opposite, however: in the end, you will be even less who you want to be for your children.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to act with a clear conscience, to give love to your children and to get help when you are faced with too great a challenge on your own. And that's usually enough to be a really good mom or a really good dad!