Fauster quits Star Fist

For those who do not know the PdE (Pugilat des √Čtoiles), it is an association whose goal is to energize the Smash scene in France. Whether through tutorials published on their Youtube channel, discussions, event casting, the PdE has been directly involved in the growth of SSBU in France. Overshadowed for the past two years by Solary, thanks to the work of NtK and the notoriety of Glutonny for the competitive side, and Bronol who tells the Smash scene via excellent videos, the PdE remains a reference for players. Fauster was one of the main members, and his departure probably marks the end of a cycle. No doubt the PdE team will be able to deal with this departure, but with recent developments on the Smash scene, they will have to adapt to continue to exist. Or, maybe we will see their different members take different paths, towards other structures, but as much their passion as their experience and know-how, will be essential to continue to thrill the hearts of Smash fans whether it is via the PoE or something else.

Fauster explains his departure in a twitlonger. He makes it clear that his relationship with the members of the association is not the cause of his departure, and that he has gradually withdrawn himself in recent years. He believes that he has received gratuitous attacks on his projects, which he differentiates from the legitimate criticism that can be issued on choices, declarations, casts, etc. These attacks affected him a lot, and the pandemic did not help him get his head above water. He therefore took more and more of a step back with the association because he was losing motivation (once again, he makes it clear that the attacks did not come from members of the association, but from the community sometimes more than unpleasant on social networks). The caster still considers himself to be partly responsible for the attacks suffered, following poorly formulated positions and apologizes to the people he could have hit with the latter. Although he doesn’t present himself as being beyond reproach, he says that the reactions of some members of the community were excessive.

Despite this, Fauster goes on to say that when he managed to get back in the saddle, the reception he received touched him deeply. He even admits that he may have locked himself in a bit, and thanks all the people who supported him during this period, sometimes just asking him when he would start casting again. However the damage was done, and many of the projects he had within the Pugilat were put on hold, because of his withdrawal. He feels today that he no longer has the strength to start them again, and therefore prefers to withdraw from the association rather than be a phantom member.

That the fans are reassured, Fauster stops neither the cast, nor to take care of project within the FGC. He will do it just in his corner, and more with the PoE. You will still find it on the channel MGG’s Twitch every Wednesday on the Versus show, and probably on the cast of different tournaments in 2022.

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