Fear the Walking Dead Season 8: Trailer for the grand finale – Madison returns to old strength



“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 8 Part 2 is the grand finale of the TWD spin-off. A first clip of the upcoming episodes was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8: Madison Clark is finally back.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8: Madison Clark is finally back. (Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC)

“Fear the Walking Dead” starts in October with part 2 of the 8th season in the final episodes. But some things are different now. Morgan Jones, who has become the main character of “The Walking Dead” spin-off since season 4, is going his separate ways again and embarks on the search for Rick Grimes with his daughter Mo.

Madison Clark is finally back as a protagonist, having fought alongside Morgan in the first part of the final season. Now the focus is on her and on the establishment of a new PADRE – but this time in peaceful. A first clip of the new episodes was shown at San Diego Comic-Con.

Madison wants to create a new PADRE

The series will probably continue on AMC at the end of the year. In this country you will most likely see the new episodes again one day after the US broadcast on Amazon Prime Video. All other TWD spin-offs will then appear on MagentaTV. “The Walking Dead: Dead City” will start in October.

Additional clips and announcements for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead: Dead City, and The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne were also released at the TWD panel at SDCC.

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