February Nintendo Direct confirmed, what games to expect?

Finally ! After weeks of rumors, Big N has just announced a new imminent Nintendo Direct which promises more great announcements. What games to expect?

Microsoft officially spoke on the latest rumors on Thursday, February 15 at 9 p.m. PST. Phil Spencer and his associates discussed business strategy at length during a podcast that was particularly anticipated by the most loyal Xbox players. It was precisely on this same date that a Nintendo Direct was anticipated. It’s obvious now, Big N has made a habit of holding such an event in February, to take stock of the future releases of its console. Several reputable sources agreed on this date, but Microsoft’s communication on the same day would have pushed the Japanese publisher to review its plans. Nintendo Switch players won’t have to wait very long, the new Nintendo Direct has been made official.

February Nintendo Direct confirmed

After the rumors, it’s time to make it official. On its official accounts, the Japanese publisher confirmed the holding of a Nintendo Direct this Wednesday February 21 at 3 p.m., French time. An event which will above all give pride of place to the productions of third-party publishers to come during the first half of 2024, since it will indeed be a Partner Showcase. Logically, this should exclude the next two big console exclusives, namely Mario vs Donkey Kong released a few days ago and Princess Peach Showtime, which, we suspect, will have the right to its own presentation sooner or later. With over 25 minutes On the clock, this next Nintendo Direct still promises to be quite generous in terms of announcements. So, what to expect?

We all want to scream HOLLOW KNIGHT SKILKSONG ! What if this time it was the right one? We have the right to dream, right? The timing with Xbox speaking out later may give hope for confirmation of the rumors surrounding the releases of Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of ​​Thieves on Nintendo Switch, which would be two of the brand’s four productions that would be ported to the consoles. rivals. For the rest, as with every Nintendo Direct, you can expect ports, independent games and why a spotlight on future releases like Open Roads, South Park: Snow Day! or the next EA Originals, Tales of Kenzera: Zau. That and probably a little shadow-drop to mark the occasion. Difficult to make predictions for this edition, the content of which has strangely not been leaked at all.

An announcement around the Nintendo Switch 2?

What seems certain, however, is that the brand will not play all its cards before the release of its most important exclusives. The most recent rumors in the corridors suggest more significant speaking out in March. Big N should take advantage of a more substantial Nintendo Direct to announce the Nintendo Switch 2, or whatever the name of the successor to its hybrid console is. The rumor, however, has lost its weight with the recent revelations of several renowned journalists, who agree that the publisher has internally postponed the release of its next machine to 2025. For concrete information, see you on the 21st February at 3 p.m. on the manufacturer’s YouTube channels.

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