Female skeleton discovered – workers found medieval graves in Steyr

During the renovation of the waste dump in the district of Steyr-Hausleiten, construction workers came across eight graves from the early Middle Ages. A team of archaeologists has now uncovered bones of seven people in addition to numerous grave goods such as jewelry made of glass and bronze.

Including the skeleton of a young woman, the city announced in a broadcast on Wednesday. The woman – called Viktoria by the excavation team – apparently lived around the year 700, was about 1.60 meters tall, muscular and died at the age of about 30. “We know very little from that time. However, there should already have been a settlement in or near Steyr at that time,” explained the archaeologist Wolfgang Klimesch, who was entrusted with the investigation. Victoria’s remains are initially being stored in the City Museum’s depot for further investigation, and the grave goods are to be conserved for the exhibition.
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