FIFA 22 accounts hacked, EA suspected

The year has barely started, but Electronic Arts and his famous FIFA 22 find themselves at the heart of a scandal. Several accounts of streamers and traders of the football simulation game have been hacked, or rather have their access allowed to malicious people.

Indeed, the hackers had only to spam the online assistants. EA Help by asking them to change the email address associated with a certain account until it is done – thus giving them the right to reset the password and freely access the account in question.

In order to make their request to the helpdesk, hackers only needed the gamertag orPSN ID of the target player. They were not asked for any other information, not even the email address linked to the account. Nothing has been put in place to verify their real identity.

They therefore had access to all personal information as well as to all virtual possessions of many players such as Bateson87, NickRTFM, Trymacs, TisiSchubecH, FUT FG, JoaoSeleiro, narcoinsfc and many others. They are not the only ones to have been victims of this mass hacking. In fact, football celebrities have also been the target, like Valentin Rosier, French professional player playing in the Turkish first division.

A huge flaw in EA’s security, which has revolted many and one in particular. Well known to the FIFA community, FUT Donkey is the world’s leading trader on FIFA Ultimate Team. His account was therefore (not surprisingly) targeted by this wave of hacking. In addition, he said he previously warned EA that he was the target of hackers and that under no circumstances should his information be disclosed without identity verification.

Following all this, Donkey therefore decided to file a complaint: “I intend to take legal action, they gave my account to a random person via the live support chat, which is a violation of data protection laws. ”

EA, which is now overwhelmed by complaints from hacked players, spoke briefly on the subject: “We have been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating “. Not enough to convince FUT Donkey and its community who accuse EA of being at the origin of the hacking. According to them, it would be an employee of the company who caused this breach in security.

The trader said he wanted to publish his evidence very soon, during his trial. The story is therefore far from over for EA, and no one yet knows what may have caused this flaw in its online support system. We are counting on the company’s investigations as well as those of the FIFA community to enlighten us on this mystery which has cost dearly.

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