Final Fantasy XIV: a date, an exciting trailer and new details for patch 6.5 Growing Light

This summer, Square Enix revealed the 7.0 expansion Dawntrail of Final Fantasy XIV which will take us to the continent of Tural next year, while also announcing an Xbox Series X|S version of the game with an open beta taking place during the 6.5x patch series. Well, it probably won’t be right away, because the 79th Letter from the Live Producer broadcast live from Tokyo Game Show 2023 centered on Growing Light didn’t mention it at all. The presentation was also quite short for once, given the trade fair, lasting only a good hour and a half. It was also the first time in four years that Naoki Yoshida took part in such an exercise, due to COVID-19. The latter also declared that he had his head full of elements concerning the expansion and the future patch 7.1. There PLL opened with a traditional trailer showing us some elements of 6.5 without too much spoiler.

Obviously, Zero is in the spotlight with a confrontation against Golbez and the appearance of Zeromuswhich already make you salivate, just like the Twelve since The Eorzean Myth will end with the 3rd Alliance Raid of this series. And, yes, there will be mention of the golden city of Tural during theEpic to make the link with 7.0. The wait before discovering the new features of patch 6.5 will be short, with the first part dated Tuesday October 3, while the second will appear in January 2024 with 6.55after the Fan Festival from Tokyo. The gap between the two exits will be longer than usual, but there will be plenty to do to wait. Firstly, it is a big summary of what we already knew which was carried out, the details of which can be found in our previous article.

Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV patch 6.5 02 24 09 2023

In terms of associated new features, the team has of course received feedback from players regarding the rewards of Alternate Dungeons in Sadistic and prepares new ones. Moreover, this type of content will continue with 7.0. As for job adjustments, it will simply be a matter of balancing damage between them for the same role and an increase in the power of certain actions. Only with expansion will bigger changes obviously take place. During the challenge preview The Abyssal Fracture in front of Zeromusthe server used was already on 7.0 and we could therefore see thatit will take more than 13 million experience points to reach level 91 if nothing changes between now and the release of Dawntrail. A debuff not seen for a long time will be present, which will require not being nervous or moving too quickly. Otherwise, the combat will not rely too much on puzzle mechanics and the key to victory will mainly lie in execution.

Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV patch 6.5 03 24 09 2023

On the side of PvP Crystalline Conflictseveral interface adjustments were presented, with some gameplay on the new map The Bloody Sands (in 1v1 thanks to the mode debug developers), where the green zone called oasis has a regeneration zone of up to 7,500 HP, with then a buff for 30 seconds once outside.

On the new side, the team we belong to will always be displayed on the left and the “return point” will be shown on the groundindicating how far the losing team must progress to turn the tide. A counter will also be added 10 seconds before the start of overtime when there is no winner, besides the music. The progress gauge will also be improved to highlight these elements and clearly indicate which team is currently winning. The effects of certain actions will also be adjusted to reflect whether they were performed by an ally or an adversary. Other modes PvP will also benefit from these new features, at least those that concern them. Two rewards were finally shown, one being nice armor and the other outfits streetwearsee on next page.

Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV patch 6.5 05 24 09 2023 Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV patch 6.5 06 24 09 2023 Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV patch 6.5 07 24 09 2023Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV patch 6.5 08 24 09 2023 Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV patch 6.5 09 24 09 2023

As you certainly know, the two previous Alliance raids staged Byregot, Rhalgr, Azeyma And Nald’thal (or rather Nald And Thal) at first, then Nophica, Althyk and her sister Nymeia, Halone And Menphina (with his faithful doggie Dalamud) Next. Usually, this type of activity has four bosses, except that only Llymlaen, Oschon And Thaliakwhich was shown in demonstration. The question therefore arises about the identity of the ultimate confrontation who awaits us in the Divine Domain of Thalia. Concerning Thaliak, one of his area attacks will hit the arena with a powerful wave pushing us into the water! Besides, you will have to exercise your gray matter during this fight.

The rewards of Raidelements of housing and fashion, including a fun outfit kappa which will be released later during the 6.5x patch cycle, new mounts (a fairy who has no connection with the others, a Moonkin Pampa and a UFO making the avatar float as if being abducted), as well as mascots were shown, all of which can be discovered on page 2 of the article.

Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV patch 6.5 12 24 09 2023

Finally, this is an announcement that is not directly related to patch 6.5. Square Enix is considering the use of data centers in the cloud to expand its infrastructure in the future and not repeat the problems when launchingEndwalker. A full-scale test will therefore be carried out in North America with temporary servers in the coming months during the 6.5x patch series. Obviously, by saying the term “cloud”, Naoki Yoshida ended up specifying as a joke that it should not be confused with the character of another Final Fantasy.

You can watch the presentation in full below.

Other visuals are available on the following page and don’t be surprised to find some from Stormbloodsince As a reminder, the free trial will be extended to this extension upon the release of 6.5, the maintenance of which will last 24 hours. The Japanese will also be able to attend an event with fireworks and music on November 3 to celebrate 10 years ofA Realm Reborn, in Chiba, for which ticket pre-orders are now open. There had also been an “incident” during the same kind of event in Osaka, where the yakisoba sold did not have enough ingredients. Square Enix will therefore launch an investigation with the company which was responsible to prevent this from happening again.

Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV patch 6.5 47 24 09 2023

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