final straight line with a superb announcement

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is currently the most anticipated game and it gives us one last great news. Enough to reassure everyone, undoubtedly.

With Starfield now available, the next giant to arrive is a PlayStation exclusive: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. After the triumph of the first episode in 2018, the anticipation is at its peak. We can barely imagine the media and popular pressure weighing on Insomniac Games’ shoulders. It’s just crazy.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the final straight line

In this context, the fear of delay is naturally present. However, Insomniac Games has just shared some reassuring news: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is gold. When a game is declared “gold”, it means that it has completed its main phase of development and is ready for production. The term gold actually refers to the finalization of the game on a “gold master”, which will be used to produce the copies intended for sale.

In other words, a gold game is seen as complete in terms of content and gameplay. However, as evidenced in many cases, this does not guarantee a bug-free experience. Often, developers continue work on updates that will be applied after launch. A well-known routine. The news was relayed via the studio’s official Twitter account:

On this occasion, a video with the main actors announcing the news was revealed. A real treat. A little nod to Tony Todd, who lends his imposing voice to Venom in the game. Horror fans will recognize him for his roles in Candyman or Final Destination. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should once again make an impression with a quality cast.

An episode that promises to be heavy

It’s clear that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has a lot to offer. In particular, it will present a much larger map of New York with the addition of neighborhoods such as Queens, Brooklyn and Coney Island. The latter is famous for its amusement park, visible in Spider-Man: Homecoming, location of the confrontation between Vulture and Spidey. As for the plot, it should be darker, exploring new aspects of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. We know in particular that Parker is having difficulty paying for his aunt’s house and that he cannot bring himself to sell it.

Added to this is the arrival in town of new antagonists like Kraven the Hunter and his troops… The situation becomes extremely tense. In terms of gameplay, the fights will be more aerial, enriched by new features, such as Web Wings, for increased mobility. New story, new characters, new mechanics. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 seems to have all the cards in hand to become a must-have. For the record, this sequel is scheduled for October 20, 2023 on PS5. Let’s keep hope for a PC release in the coming months, without necessarily waiting more than a year.

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