Finally peace in the Tesla Model S and Model X: Update brings the anti-noise mode


Owners of a Tesla Model S and Model X can now try the “Active Road Noise Reduction”. As with ANC headphones, road noise is eliminated using noise canceling.

Tesla with ANC: The noise level in the interior should drop if the road surface is poor. (Source: screenshot)

  • Telsa has started to roll out the Active Road Noise Reduction feature via update.
  • If the function is activated, the noise level in the interior should decrease.
  • The effect is known from ANC headphones. The function is available for newer Model S and Model X.

Tesla introduces the Active Road Noise Reduction feature for Model S and Model X. Anyone who has ever tried ANC headphones knows what to expect. It’s about reducing background noise, in this case road noise.

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The ARNR feature is intended to come into play primarily on poor road surfaces. The microphones in the seats in the Tesla Model S and Model X continuously measure the interior volume. Tesla’s own algorithm then tries to calculate a counter-noise that is output via the vehicle’s loudspeakers.

The feature is only available in the facelifted versions of the Model S and Model X, since in Model 3 and Model Y no corresponding microphones were installed in the front seats.

First users describe a noticeable, albeit not particularly large, effect. However, Tesla is known for improving features little by little. Upcoming updates could therefore further expand the noise canceling function.

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