Fired from G2 because of his dating, ocelote salutes the women’s teams

After a perfect season on VALORANT, the women’s team G2 Gozen lifted the title at the first Women’s Worlds a few days ago, a major title for the structure which has experienced a disastrous year with men on the Riot esports scene. Indeed, sanctioned by Riot and banned from competition for a few days, the boss of G2, ocelote, had been pushed out, leaving the team he had founded. But the damage was done: G2 lost their slot in VALORANT’s new partner league, then ended their male roster. It is even rumored that the group would have intended to make him pay for this tarnished image…

In question: the emblematic boss of G2 had appeared with his friend Andrew Tate on the networks. A message and a video that went very badly within the structure, not wishing that the image of the club be associated with this influencer accused by several women for his behavior and his attacks, and known to have misogynistic remarks. Ocelote, who has never had his tongue in his pocket, had defended himself by claiming that he had the right to have the dating he wanted, which had led G2 to dismiss him first for a few weeks time to decide. But the CEO quickly resigned.

Yesterday, the new League of Legends team G2 Hel also obtained a title by becoming champions of the Rising Stars 2022 (the equivalent of the EUM). This women’s victory (and that of G2 Goaen) was an opportunity for him to look back on the victory, to salute these rosters and probably try to wash his own image. In a tweet where it is easy to read between the lines, he explains thus:

Gozen and Hel hold a special place in my heart. Avé G2 and all the women we have supported over the years. Virtuous signaling does absolutely nothing to improve the world. Only actions do.

Directly attacking those who contributed to his ousting from G2 by reporting the problematic video on his twitter, he therefore believes he has largely proven his impact in the development of the women’s esports scene., without ever returning directly to the case. A message which, again, was rather decried on the networks, some twittos again citing the actions and words of his friend Andrew Tate. However, many G2 fans now feel that he has ‘served his time’ and should not be erased. all her action for women’s esports…

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