First day of Benjamin Mendy’s trial: the footballer still pleads not guilty

Elodie Goulesque

Benjamin Mendy’s trial opened late Wednesday morning in Chester court. The Manchester City defender has pleaded not guilty to an eighth rape charge, announced in early June, as he had done for the other charges against him. Account of the first day of his trial.

It was 4:30 p.m. when Benjamin Mendy left Winchester court. A dark suit and tie, the only words he spoke on Wednesday were to confirm his identity and plead not guilty. During this first day devoted to administrative details and the choice of jurors, the former French world champion and left-back of Manchester City was only a spectator.

heavy charges

The judge announced that he expects him and his co-accused, Louisa Matsuri, to be present every day of the trial. A marathon trial that could last until November. The charges are heavy against the 28-year-old footballer. Eight rapes, one attempted rape and one sexual assault. The facts concern seven women and would have taken place between October 2018 and August 2021.

A sentence of up to life

First placed under judicial supervision, the young man of 28 years was then imprisoned for four and a half months for having reoffended, according to a victim. Mendy has been confined to his home near Manchester since the start of the year and his passport has been confiscated. He faces a sentence of up to life.

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