First Kill: That’s why the Netflix vampire series doesn’t show a typical queer love story


With “First Kill” Netflix has added another, this time queer, vampire series to its program. In an interview, the series creator explains why this is no ordinary queer love story.

In "first kill" is about Juliette, Cal and their families.

“First Kill” is about Juliette, Cal and their families. (Source:

  • The queer teen vampire series “First Kill” has just started on Netflix and is already very successful.
  • It is not yet clear whether there will be a second season.
  • In an interview, series creator VE Schwab now explained why the series is not a typical queer love story.

The queer vampire series “First Kill” recently started on Netflix and immediately made it into the Netflix Top 10. In an interview with the streaming service, series creator VE Schwab explained why the series is no ordinary queer teen series.

“I wanted to write a series where it wasn’t [nur] It’s about queerness,” Schwab told Netflix. “I feel like we’ve come a long way in the space of queer storytelling – we’re seeing more queer characters and we’re starting to see queer characters at the center of the narrative.”

In 99 percent of the cases, however, the series is about the queerness of the characters. Queer people would then play a role when it came to their identity. Straight figures would never be reduced to thatsays Schwab.

While Juliette and Cal’s sexuality plays a role in “First Kill,” it’s mostly about the two being the unwilling heirs to a centuries-old family feud. And that’s what Schwab, who is queer herself, is all about. She wants to show that queer characters can’t be the focus of a series just because of their queerness.

“First Kill is a story about finding who you are outside of the influence of parents, older siblings, societal pressures and tradition.”

VE Schwab

Ultimately, the focus of the series is the desire of two young women to be themselves, no matter what others say, and to present themselves to the world in the most authentic way possible.

You can find out whether you can look forward to a second season of “First Kill” at Netzwelt. In our Netflix news you will find a lot of series to bridge the waiting time until a possible season 2.

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