Flavie Flament completely undressed: her cash response to detractors who find her “unrecognizable”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

At 49, Flavie Flament feels good about herself and doesn’t need anyone’s approval! Since her debut on television in 1998, the emblematic former TF1 host has evolved before the eyes of viewers. If the latter were often kind towards him, this was the target of a wave of criticism, Friday January 5, 2024, following the publication of an extract from her interview for 50′ inside, on the show’s Instagram account. Indeed, some have assured that Benjamin Castaldi’s ex-wife was “unrecognizable” since its “weight gain”. Rather than ruminating in his corner, Flavie Flament decided to share a photo on Instagram where she appears…Completely undressed! “This is a moon, a butt, a firecracker. The buttocks of a woman who, this year, will celebrate her 50th birthday. […] This is my moon. My butt. Those of a woman who, when she was a child, saw her carelessness and her integrity shattered by a rape when she was only 13 years old. The one who, when she was a teenager, was weighed every morning and deprived of going out if she gained too much weight.she wrote.

Flavie Flament reveals her buttocks “bouncy from good food”

Happy not to have grown up in the age of social media, the woman who said she was raped by photographer David Hamilton when she was a teenager shared: “You knew me perched on heels, one foot in anorexia, torturing my body to be ‘couture’ on the front pages of magazines or on television sets. To please and collect what seemed to me a semblance of affection. So today I’m showing you my butt. Rebounded with good food, pleasures finally recovered, wine and caresses. Buttocks of joy! Buttocks of life!” In the comments section, many personalities gave him their support, such as Michel Denisot, Enora Malagré, Sonia Rolland, Agathe Lecaron, Marilou Berry, but also Léa Drucker. “You’re beautiful! Inside and out!”assured Sandrine Quétier, while Carla Bruni declared: “You are magnificent my dear Flavie! Personally, I find you much more beautiful now than when you were skinny on television”.

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