Flavie Flament complexed by her physique in her youth


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Questioned by Faustine Bollaert in the columns of Between Us, Flavie Fament confided in her complexes which ruined her life and in the traumas of her adolescence.

The host of the radio show dedicated to well-being Here we are! on RTL, which had revealed that it had been the victim of a rape at the age of 13 and had suffered domestic violence (even if it did not reveal the name of the companion in question), recently confided in the trauma she experienced during her teenage years. A very dark period of her life that made her lose all self-confidence and gave her many physical complexes.

Indeed, in a file of the N°6 of the magazine Between us devoted to self-confidence, Flavie Flament revealed to Faustine Bollaert that she had a tumultuous relationship with her mother and a very difficult relationship with her body following her criticisms of her physique. In particular, she admits having been complexed by its weight and having had eating disorders.

“I was not proud of myself at all”Flavie Flament did not like her body

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Indulging without taboo to the journalist, the ex-girlfriend of Benjamin Castaldi teaches us more about his difficult journey during his youth. Caught in a permanent tension between the very negative opinion of herself that her mother conveyed to her and the admiring gaze of her grandfather, the young woman had trouble building herself: “The look that was put on me was really failing. I was both adored by my grandfather and rolled down by my mother, for whom I was not intelligent, not pretty, just ugly and fat “she explained in this open-hearted interview.

“From the age of 11, I had to weigh myself every morning, she (her mother) never took me shopping with her because she felt that I was not beautiful or thin enough… All the confidence that my grandfather instilled in me on one side was broken on the other!” remembers the 47-year-old host who developed complexes and eating disorders from being considered that way by her mother. “At the time, I didn’t eat, I didn’t dare to put on a swimsuit, I wasn’t proud of myself at all!” also tells the star who suffered from anorexia and this situation for a long time.

Flavie Flament seems to have overcome her complexes today

It was only around the age of 35 that Flavie Flament regained her self-confidence despite the adolescent complexes that accompanied her during a good part of her adult life. Today, she even regrets not having taken full advantage at the time: “When I see pictures of me at 20-25, I tell myself that if I had known, I would have enjoyed it more”.

But far from focusing on the negative, the host remains positive and is delighted to have another opinion of herself now: “What’s crazy is that today, when I’m no longer 20 or the body of that age, I enjoy so much more of who I am! I have a lot less complexes than before.”

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