for his return to the set, Florent Pagny does not hide his concern


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Still in the midst of the fight against cancer, Florent Pagny will make his big comeback during the semi-final of “The Voice”, during which he will sing again.

“I won’t give up.” In an interview conducted by Nikos Aliagas for Gala, the singer Florent Pagny spoke about his fight against the disease. The 60-year-old artist had revealed, in a video posted on his Instagram account in January, to suffer from a lung cancer. Discreet since this announcement, he finally resumed speaking a few days before his return to the set of The Voice. The diagnosis having fallen after the start of the recording of the eleventh season of tele-hook, it is now in full treatment that the emblematic coach will find his red armchair and will sing again.

As in every season, the candidates will have the opportunity to share a song with their team leader. Nour and Lou Dassi, talents of Florent Pagny, will therefore share the stage with him during the semi-final on May 14. An important step in the rest of his treatment since, in Galathe singer particularly worried about his breath : “I’ll see how I breathe because I haven’t sung for a while. But, as long as my voice is there, I am there”, he assured. A concern quickly swept away during rehearsals, since his candidates were impressed. “He always sings very well, Nour told the Parisian. I was very surprised. His voice hasn’t moved, and he still has a sick chest.”

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The physical transformation of Florent Pagny

If the voice obviously did not suffer from any modification because of the treatment, the singer nevertheless admitted that he could not “sing too long”. Despite everything, he seems able to ensure the latest live broadcasts. The voice will be there, however, the look is quite different. Bald and without his characteristic goatee, Florent Pagny has undergone some transformations due to chemotherapy. A new look that he seems to be gradually getting used to: “I assume my head, even if I may put on glasses because of the fall of my eyelashes which makes me look really sick, but the rest, I manage”he confided to Nikos Aliagas

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