For the daily immune boost: the best smoothie makers

Of the Bosch vita boost (view at Amazon) for around 220 euros is the test winner in the smoothie maker test by AllesBeste. For the high price you get a consistently convincing smoothie maker that has a lot of power (a whopping 1,600 watts and up to 30,000 revolutions), comes with different programs and is easy to use. The six automatic programs of the Vitaboost include: Shake, Smoothie, Ice Cream. Soup, sauce and cleaning.

The price tip from the test is significantly cheaper: Den Severin SM 3737 (view at Amazon) is already available for about 45 euros. The Severin device offers the best value for money, is well made and also easy to use. However, the capacity is just one liter and is therefore small. The Severin SM 3737 is particularly suitable for occasional smoothie drinkers.

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