For the home office – these are the coolest gadgets for the office

Bored in the home office? That can’t happen with these gadgets!

Most Austrians have been working in the home office for over a year. If you are looking for variety when working in your own four walls, you should get these office gadgets:

Rotation card index

Particularly useful for everyone who has a large number of cards. Here you have the perfect overview.

€ 18.99
Click here for the rotation index.

Battery operated eraser

This battery operated eraser is ideal for anyone who wants to erase precisely. A really handy tool!

€ 20.28
Click here for the eraser.

Electric office stapler

With this powerful office stapler you can staple contactlessly and precisely.

€ 28.03
Click here for the office stapler.

Pen holder

Perfect for creating order.

€ 22.14
Click here for the pen holder.

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