Foreign policy guidelines: Baerbock wants “feminist reflex” in ministry

Foreign Policy Guidelines
Baerbock wants “feminist reflex” in ministry

The coalition agreement lays down the main features of a “feminist foreign policy” for the traffic lights. A draft paper now spells it out – it is to guide all the ministry’s actions. But it also clearly states the limits of the concept.

According to a report, Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock wants to appoint an ambassador for feminist foreign policy. A 41-page draft paper entitled “Guidelines for Feminist Foreign Policy” lists a total of twelve points, six of which are aimed at working in the foreign service and six at foreign policy action, as reported by “Spiegel”. The guidelines are “intended as a working tool of the Federal Foreign Office”.

The magazine also quoted from the paper: “The ambassador will ensure the mainstreaming of feminist foreign policy. She will further develop the guidelines and ensure their implementation.” The draft text therefore also provides for strengthening the gender competence of employees and bringing about a “cultural change”. “We anchor feminist foreign policy in all compulsory training courses in our service in order to develop a ‘feminist reflex’,” quoted the “Spiegel” further.

In addition, the new feminist attitude should also be reflected in the allocation of funds by the foreign ministry: “We will also use our financial resources more systematically to serve feminist foreign policy.” The aim is “to apply gender budgeting to the entire project budget of the Federal Foreign Office by the end of the legislative period”.

In the text, however, the Federal Foreign Office warns against expectations that are too high, as the “Spiegel” further reported: “Feminist foreign policy has no magic formula ready to deal with immediate security policy threats.” In addition, Russia’s war against Ukraine shows that human lives must also be protected by military means. “Therefore, feminist foreign policy is not synonymous with pacifism,” the State Department said, according to the report.

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