Fortnite: When and at what time does Chapter 4 Season 1 start

At the end of 2021, Fortnite players were able to discover a whole new chapter, with a new map. The months that followed saw the seasons go by, but Epic Games surprised us, since instead of offering, as we expected, a season 5, it’s a brand new chapter that begins, and therefore a new season. . In front of Fortnite server shutdownplayers wonder what time chapter 4 season 1 is going to be launched.

When does chapter 4 season 1 start?

As you must know, Epic Games likes to turn up the heat by disclosing little or no information regarding the new season and its exit. For this transition between Chapter 3 and 4, we were treated to a few teasers, then a special event, during which players were able to review certain actions related to the story of Fortnite. But then, after posting a small cutscene, nothing. Unable to connect to Fortniteas very often when a new Fortnite chapter arrives.

The Season 1 will begin on December 4.on a Sunday, as we are now used to.

What time does Chapter 4 Season 1 start?

Regarding the time, we have, alas, no precision yet. However, if we refer to the liabilities of Epic Games, it is easy to think that Chapter 4 Season 1 Launch Update Will Happen In The Morning, and more precisely around 9am. Server maintenance should take several hours, given that this is a major update, and we should be able to see everything new in Fortnite Chapter 4 around 10 or 11 a.m., depending on whether the devs are having any issues. .

You will have understood it, since the end of season event takes place this Saturday, December 3 in the evening, Fortnite will remain unplayable for several hours. The perfect time to discover new games, if you want, at all costs, to launch one. Regarding the novelties, we must expect a brand new card. And for Chapter 4 Season 1, special skins should be included, including one based on The Witcher license.

In any case, Epic Games will keep us informed of progress, giving us more information and this article will be updated if necessary, so that you have all the details.

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