Fortnite x Dragon Ball: the date of the crossover is finally revealed!

The end of summer promises to be epic for Fortnite, as Epic Games’ Battle Royale has just confirmed the kickoff of the biggest collaboration in its entire history, involving the famous Dragon Ball franchise. The publisher has published a first teaser on its social networks, which reveals the start date of the partnership on the live servers: Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

What time does the collab start?

As recently reported by dataminers, the next Fortnite patch 21.40 will be released on Tuesday August 16th. With what this first DBZ teaser has just revealed, there is no doubt that this update will be mainly devoted to the deployment of the crossover. Therefore, it can be estimated that it will be possible to play with the new DBZ stamped content right after the morning maintenance, around 11 a.m. or noon, at the latest.

In the wake of the official teaser, leakers have also recovered from the files the next main menu wallpaper (see image above). In particular, we can see the Kame House, at the very back. This will probably appear in Fortnite, instead of one of the cabins in the archipelago that borders the Sanctuary.

What content for this XXL collab?

We know that this collaboration will include 4 DBZ skins (Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and another), and that it will bring into play mythical weapons similar to DBZ powers, such as the famous Kamehameha. But this dantesque partnership will undoubtedly include other elements, whether in the gameplay, the scenery, or the store.

Possibility of making Kamé Hamé Ha in-game, skins bearing the image of the most famous DBZ heroes… The collaboration, now confirmed, promises to be one of the most epic ever made on Fortnite. We take stock of the latest leaks.

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