Four cases – 300,000 euros wasted! Scammers are ripping off Salzburgers

More than 300,000 euros stolen! Online fraudsters are targeting Salzburg residents’ savings. The police reported four cases this week in which victims lost an unusually large amount of money to rip-offs.

A 32-year-old recently discovered an article on the Internet with a supposedly reputable investment opportunity. He contacted a stranger and gave him his bank details. A few days later, the sum of 49,000 euros was charged without his consent. Fake love, steal money. Back in March of this year, a 45-year-old man from Pinzgau met a woman via the Internet. Both spoke to each other on the phone several times. The woman asked the Salzburger for money. After some back and forth, the 45-year-old agreed and transferred a total of 76,500 euros to three different accounts. It was only months later that it dawned on the Pinzgauer that he had fallen victim to a fraudster. He filed a complaint, but his savings are gone. 100,000 euros lost via the sales platform In July, a 51-year-old woman from Salzburg suspected a profitable business on the website of a fake travel company. She paid a high five-figure amount to unknown fraudsters in order to resell alleged trips with commission. Only later did she suspect it was a rip-off! And: A Flachgau resident (40) lost more than 100,000 euros in fraudulent transactions on an online sales platform! Paul Perterer from Pinzgau also fell for online fraudsters – the “Krone” reported on his story several times. His appeal: “Always be vigilant and it’s best to go to the police immediately!”
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