Franz Beckenbauer: “The Kaiser” has his car from the 1970s back

Franz Beckenbauer
“Der Kaiser” has his car from the 1970s again

Franz Beckenbauer is happy about this opportunity find

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Finally reunited: Franz Beckenbauer has his blue Mercedes back, which he sold at the end of the 1970s.

In 1976 Franz Beckenbauer (75) bought a blue Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9. Only a year later, when the soccer star moved to New York, he sold the car again. Now, after 44 years, Beckenbauer has his car back. A lucky chance find.

The car was offered to a friend. “He actually wanted to buy it. He called me and said that I would have a right of first refusal. Of course, I immediately said yes. This is how a circle of life closes for me” explains Beckenbauer at “Bild”.

Once stolen

It is the second time that the 75-year-old has been reunited with the Mercedes. Because in 1976 the Mercedes was stolen while on vacation in Italy on Lake Garda. The police were then able to secure him again. Now Beckenbauer wants to take care of his car, as he said “Bild”: “I will cherish and look after it.”