Franziska van Almsick: Here she celebrates her pool comeback

Franziska van Almsick
Here she celebrates her pool comeback

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Franziska van Almsick ended her sporting career many years ago. But now she’s jumping into the water again for a charity event.

Franziska van Almsick, 43, took part in the “Gold To Go Eagles President Cup” along with other stars such as Max Giesinger, 33, Frederick Lau, 32, and Giovanni Zarrella, 43. The multi-day charitable event of the Munich charity golf club “Eagles” took place from October 7th to 10th, 2021 in the luxury resort “Forte Village” on Sardinia. Franziska van Almsick celebrated her pool comeback for a good cause and revealed that she had avoided water in recent years.

Franziska van Almsick: “That was a little comeback for me”

As part of the charity event, Franziska van Almsick gives swimming lessons to some of the 270 guests. But a little later she plunged herself into the cool water and celebrated her pool comeback. She jumps gracefully into the pool, swimming laps like in the old days. That she was once one of the most successful German swimmers can be clearly seen, although Franziska has stayed away from the liquid element lately.

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“I’m actually not in the water anymore. But I wanted to use that after I had so much fun at the swimming lesson with the guests. I just had to push my limits for a moment today, it was nice. That was a little comeback for myself, “says the former swimming star opposite” Bild “.

She adds that she “hasn’t looked into the pool” for the past ten years. The swimming lesson was also only the second she had given the “EAGLES Charity Golf Club e.V.” in the last 20 years. have given. Now she seems to be getting closer to her previous passion: “I’m starting to go into the water more now.”

She is out of “competition mode”

Even if she has rarely gotten wet in the past few decades, she is following the development of swimming with excitement. Every now and then she wonders what her career would have been like if she had been “born 20 years later”. Because in the past there would only have been one high point, one chance per year. The framework conditions have also changed significantly in the meantime. “I swam my first world record in perfectly normal swimming trunks. Today everything is high tech,” she says. In spite of the occasional mental games, however, she states: “Today I am completely out of this competitive mode.”

Franziska van Almsick won 18 European Championship titles, two World Cup titles and four Olympic silver medals before she finally ended her career in 2004. A year later she met her partner, the entrepreneur Jürgen B. Harder. The couple lives in Heidelberg with their two sons Don Hugo, 14, and Mo Vito, 8.

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