Free of charge instead of 89.99 euros: lifelong premium membership in the photo app is given away


The lifetime Pro membership in the photo editing app “PhotoAI: AI Photo Enhancer” costs 89.99 euros. However, it is currently being given away. That awaits you.

We created this picture with “PhotoAI: AI Photo Enhancer” by first removing the background from the portrait and then having it caricatured. Afterwards, we used the software to keep enlarging it. (Source: Vertexshare Software Ltd/Netzwelt)

  • Lifetime Pro membership for “PhotoAI – AI Photo Enhancer” is currently available free of charge on Google Play and the App Store.
  • It normally costs 89.99 euros.
  • The photo editing program offers many options, but does not come without criticism.

It happens again and again that regular paid apps and mobile phone games are given away on Google Play and in the App Store. Sometimes you can save a lot of money doing this. Lifetime Pro membership of the photo editing software “PhotoAI: AI Photo Enhancer” is currently available free of charge. This normally costs 89.99 euros.

at google play free of charge instead of 89.99 euros*


in the AppStore free of charge instead of 89.99 euros*


To take advantage of the offer, simply download and open the app. Then click on “Options”. There you will find a diamond icon with the words “Subscription”. Press and hold this button until the “Redeem Code” box opens. With this you give “tick coupon” (without the quotation marks) and confirm by clicking on “Done”.

Now the premium membership should be unlocked for you. You can check whether everything worked by clicking on the orange “PRO” button on the home screen. This should bring up the message “You are already a Pro member”. Clicking on “Subscription” in the options should give the same result.

danger: If you select the “Upgrade” banner on the home screen, you will end up with the selection of the various Pro memberships, even if you have already received the Liftetime membership with the voucher. Here you should be careful not to accidentally fall into a cost trap.

What does “PhotoAI: AI Photo Enhancer” offer?

The app gives you various image editing functions, all of which are supposed to work with artificial intelligence. Among others, these options are available:

  • Enlarge photos without quality loss
  • Fix blurry portrait photos
  • Colorize black and white photos
  • remove backgrounds
  • Turn photos into caricatures

In fact, many of the tools work well. Backgrounds are removed amazingly reliably and funny caricatures are made from portrait photos. However, the app is not without problems.

For example, caricatures can only be saved with 250 by 250 pixels and uploading images sometimes takes forever and is unsuccessful even after a long wait and numerous attempts.

cloud constraint

wait, upload? Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to edit your pictures with the tools of “PhotoAI: AI Photo Enhancer”, you first have to send the file to the app’s servers. This is not only annoying when no internet is available, but also worrying, since it is not clear what is happening with your pictures.

My City : Love Story

picture series

iOS apps currently available for free

iOS apps currently available for free

Although the FAQs state that images are neither tracked nor saved and then deleted within 24 hours, there is no certainty that this is really the case. If you want to use the app, you should only upload harmless pictures.

Is it worth downloading?

“PhotoAI: AI Photo Enhancer” offers various tools, some useful, some funny. If you like to experiment with image editing programs, the application is definitely worth a look. However, keep in mind that problems with uploading spoil the fun and you cannot be sure what will happen to your pictures.

The app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times on Google Play. With currently 870 ratings, it has 3.3 out of 5 stars. The cloud requirement and the long waiting times are criticized in the reviews. It is also mentioned that the Pro status will be lost if the app is uninstalled from the phone.

My City : Love Story

picture series

Android apps currently available for free

Android apps currently available for free

In the App Store, “PhotoAI: AI Photo Enhancer” leaves a better impression. There the application currently has 125 ratings and 4.7 stars.

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