French Bob: The trend hairstyle with French charm

The French Bob inspires us with French style awareness and a touch of nonchalance. Here you can find out what makes the trend hairstyle and how to style it!

There are many bob hairstyles and they can be styled in a wide variety of ways – but this trend from France with a touch of French nonchalance has really impressed us! As early as 2001, Audrey Tautou enchanted us in the film "The fabulous world of Amélie" with her whole being and her hairstyle at that time is now more modern than ever and currently adorns the heads of not only the Parisians …

French bob – what makes the trend hairstyle?

It is well known that French women have a good sense of style and new trends – the French bob does a credit to that! The short haircut is slightly shorter than a classic bob haircut and ends approximately between mouth and chin level. The hair on the back of the head can be cut a little shorter and fall slightly towards the chin. The bob looks particularly charming when it Hair ends are not trimmed too accurately – Individual strands can stick out a bit. Also has an effect on a middle parting slightly asymmetrical haircut très chic. This joins in fringed ponythat runs just above the eyebrows.

How to style the French bob

You don't need time for elaborate styling with the French bob – because it is best to style itself almost all by itself. The French Bob convinces with its Undone look and is anything but a neat and straightforward styled bob. Freshly washed hair becomes easy allowed to air dry and subsequently plucked into shape with your fingers. It can look slightly tousled – if necessary, you can help with a little sea salt spray and knead the hair a little. If you want to create a few waves in your hair with a straightening iron or curling iron, comb your hair through with a coarse comb and tousle the hair – the hairstyle should not be precise, but slightly tousled.

tip: You can use a diffuser attachment to help with particularly fine hair. Volume powder or texturizing spray also help as Trick 17 … but not too much effort – after all, this is not about perfect styling, but a loosely light hairstyle!

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