From German production: Russia claims to have hit Iris-T anti-aircraft defenses

From German production
Russia claims to have hit Iris-T anti-aircraft missiles

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After much pleading, Kiev receives a commitment from Berlin for another Patriot air defense system. Now Russia announces that it has scored a hit on another air defense system from Germany.

Moscow claims that its troops in Ukraine hit a German-made anti-aircraft system. A launcher – a starting device – of the system was destroyed, the Defense Ministry in Moscow told the state news agency Tass. The Russian troops also claim to have destroyed an ammunition depot. This cannot initially be verified independently.

Ukraine has so far received four Iris-T systems from Germany. 20 more have been announced. Modern short- and medium-range air defense systems are used to protect cities, buildings and ground forces. Unlike the Patriot air defense system, the Bundeswehr does not have Iris-T. It comes directly from German arms manufacturer Diehl, with the federal government financing the purchase.

This announced on Saturday that it would supply Ukraine with additional Patriot systems from Bundeswehr stocks. The decision was made “due to the further increase in Russian air strikes” against the country, according to the Federal Ministry of Defense. Russia has increased its attacks on Ukraine using aircraft, cruise missiles, so-called glide bombs and drones in recent weeks. The most recent goal was particularly the Ukrainian energy supply.

Kiev hopes for more Iris-T systems

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyj thanked Germany for its help “at a critical moment.” In his video address on Saturday evening, Zelensky said he was also seeking the delivery of an additional Iris-T anti-aircraft system by Germany.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the delivery of the Patriot system was “made possible by returns from scheduled repairs”. “All necessary measures for accelerated replacement and new procurement will now be initiated immediately.” Germany has so far delivered two Patriot units to Ukraine.

The weapon system is used to combat larger airborne targets such as aircraft, drones, rockets and cruise missiles. A system consists of a radar system, a fire control center and several launchers for defensive missiles. Patriot can keep track of up to 50 incoming targets and engage five objects simultaneously. According to the Bundeswehr, the range is around 68 kilometers.

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