Frustration levy – city finally buries the “event killer”

More frustration than pleasure was recently associated with the entertainment tax in Krems. Well-known organizers even threatened to move their events from the city on the Danube. The venerable center would desperately need any revitalization.

Above all, entrepreneur Othmar Seidl – after all, he is bringing in superstar James Blunt for his 2024 festival at Steinertor – is pushing for changes. And now he is successful with it. After a majority decision in the finance committee, the local council will vote on the tax amendment on December 13th. It is planned that sports clubs and schools – as we know there are plenty of both in Krems – will from now on be completely exempt from the tax. Support for Krems entrepreneursIn the future, commercial events will probably only have to charge 13 instead of 15 percent. ÖVP Vice Mayor Florian Kamleitner has also initiated an economic development pot worth 150,000 euros for entrepreneurs who are also based in Krems. From this, 50 percent of the entertainment tax can flow back to the entrepreneurs in the form of a grant. “I want to support anyone who secures jobs in Krems, pays local taxes and also revitalizes the city,” said Kamleitner. The new regulation should apply from January 1, 2024.
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