Fuels: TotalEnergies ready to give a rebate at the pump, if prices exceed two euros per liter

This fall, the group had applied up to 20 cents discount at the pump. STEPHANE MAHE / REUTERS

Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of the oil group, explained studying this possibility, on the sidelines of the presentation of the annual results of his group.

While the prices of fuels, and in particular those of diesel, are once again on the rise, the CEO of TotalEnergies said to himself “ready to consider a discount“. Patrick Pouyanné, who was speaking on the sidelines of the presentation of his group’s annual results said “have the feeling that you will have to look at what to do beyond two euros“. He insisted on thepsychological thresholdrepresented by this award. The government, for its part, declared itselfquite inclined to accompany» TotalEnergies in the implementation of this rebate, by the voice of its spokesperson Olivier Véran, Wednesday noon, after the Council of Ministers.

This fall, the group had applied up to 20 cents discount at the pump. These gestures granted to French consumers cost it 550 million euros in 2022. A sum to put into perspective, while the group generated 20.5 billion dollars in profits (19.5 billion euros).

The boss of the oil group, however, specified that he would ensure “not to energize its service stations“. The decision will therefore also depend on thesocial context“. Indeed, while the mobilization against the pension reform is in full swing, with the shutdown of refineries and fuel depots, Patrick Pouyanné does not want to take the risk of creating supply disruptions in his national network. of distribution.

He also recalled the importance of diesel in France which represents “70% of fuel sales” of the group. An exception in Europe. This also makes France more sensitive than other countries to the consequences of the entry into force, on February 5, of an embargo on Russian diesel. Patrick Pouyanné also criticized the consequences of a measure, which he said “understand politically“, but which forces Europeans to buy diesel in India and China. However, it is none other than refined Russian oil. He castigated “the impact for the planetof these new oil routes.

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