Fujifilm launches the Instax Square Link, a printer with an augmented reality twist

Fujifilm Instax Square Link

Introductory price €149.99

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Portable photo printers are an alternative to conventional instant cameras. Indeed, the latter allow you to print any photo from your phone without further clutter. Alongside its Instax Mini Link 2, Share SP-3 and Link Wide, the Japanese manufacturer Fuijfilm is preparing to launch a new model, the Instax Square Link, equipped with new connected features and in particular an AR mode providing bit of augmented reality to your photos.

A compact photo printer

Specializing in instant photos, the Instax range benefits from three film formats. The “mini” format, the most fashionable, is the one that equips the famous range of Instax Mini 11 devices. The credit card format is convenient to carry but turns out to be a bit small to comfortably view your shots. The “Wide” format is, as its name suggests, the manufacturer’s widest format, but it is much more cumbersome to take with you. Between the two is the “Square” format, square, a good compromise to benefit from a good-sized image without compromising the compactness of the whole.

The Instax Square Link is very compact

The Instax Square Link is very compact

© Fuijfilm

The new Instax Square Link printer takes up the torch of the Square SP-3 in a now even more compact format. The latest from Fujifilm is thus much lighter and is similar, in its volumes, to a “mini” format printer with dimensions of 127.5 x 105 x 37.5 mm for a weight of 236 grams.

New fun features

More than an aesthetic update, the new Fujifilm Instax Square Link printer relies on the addition of new features to customize its shots. As is already found on the other printers of the brand, it is possible, through the smartphone application, to extract a photo from a video, to make a collage of images or to add stickers to your photos.

The Instax Square Link enables augmented reality collages

The Instax Square Link enables augmented reality collages

© Fujifilm

Sprinkled with augmented reality

Fujifilm is taking advantage of this Instax Square Link to introduce a new AR Print mode in augmented reality. It is now possible to add, outside the photo, text, a drawing or special effects. All you have to do is scan the QR code to see these elements appear and thus recontextualize the memory.

Price and availability

The Instax Square Link is expected on November 16 at the recommended price of €149.99. In addition, don’t forget to add a batch of Instax Square films to your printer, which sell for around €10 for a box of 10. This amounts to €1 per photo, a rate we are now used to.

Fujifilm FILM instax SQUARE WW (10X2 PK) Kit of 2 Films 10v

Fujifilm FILM instax SQUARE WW (10X2 PK) Kit of 2 Films 10v

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