Galaxy Watch with pixel design? Samsung is inspired by the Google clock


Samsung could return to the curved display glass design for the Galaxy Watch 6. An insider reports this and brings back memories of the Pixel Watch.

Samsung could return to the curved display glass, reveals an insider. But probably not quite as extreme as with the Pixel Watch. (Source: Netzwelt)

Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Watch 6 this year and could take a step towards the Pixel Watch in terms of design. This is now indicated by industry experts. Accordingly, the new smartwatch should be equipped with a curved display glass.

As 9to5Google reports, the information comes from the usually well-informed insider Ice Universe. In his tweet, he rightly speaks of a return to curved glass, because Samsung has already used these display glasses in the past, for example with the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5, on the other hand, are flat.

However, a curved glass can have the advantage of offering a more pleasant operation via the bezel. Transitional solutions such as larger frames or frames have made the classic versions of the Samsung watch rather clumsy, as our test of the Watch 5 also showed.

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