Game news After very cautious previews, the Suicide Squad game is trying to reverse the trend by giving players a voice…

Game news After very cautious previews, the Suicide Squad game is trying to reverse the trend by giving players a voice…

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After initial unreassuring press reviews, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League now gives players a voice by putting an end to the non-disclosure agreements that concerned the closed alpha last November. A strategy that could do him good, less than a month before its release.

Suicide Squad: a not very reassuring first approach

Scheduled for next month, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was able to be approached by the press for a generous gaming session. And the least we can say is that the new one from Rocksteady is far from having made a strong impression during these first phases of testing. Almost all professionals were disappointed by the experience which presented itself as an overly generic open worldwith funny, but caricatured characters, and above all an overflow of information on the screen which makes the gameplay tedious.

An opinion that we share and that we invite you to discover in full with our dedicated preview. However, Suicide Squad is not doomed as Rocksteady has just ended the non-disclosure agreements which concerned the closed alpha organized last November. The first players can now talk about their experience and that could well reassure part of the community.

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Players give their opinion

Will we have to ignore Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice when it is released? Yes, the first press reviews are not very encouraging, but the public also has their say. And visibly, he is more enthusiastic than the professionals. On Twitter/X, Rocksteady allowed alpha testers to share their feelings after getting their hands on the game last November. And we find a lot of positives.

In fact, we read almost the opposite of what was said in the media. The story is more gripping than it seems, the Suicide Squad would be particularly endearing and fun, and we would be dealing with effective and fluid gameplay, which would take up what Rocksteady did best in the Arkham saga. There would be a real complementarity between the different characters who would each benefit from pleasant gameplay, capable of attracting the greatest number of people. Finally, and where it’s more interesting, is that the software would be really fun with several people. To discover the final and more detailed opinion of each person, see you on February 2 for the release of the title on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

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