Game News By combining the most useless spell in the game with the most hardcore difficulty, players manage to easily beat Baldur’s Gate 3

Game news By combining the most useless spell in the game with the most hardcore difficulty, players manage to easily beat Baldur’s Gate 3

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Some players inflict impressive disadvantages on themselves, but still manage to complete the Larian Studios game on maximum difficulty. This is the case for this determined player!

Released in August 2023 then in September on consoles, Baldur’s Gate III very quickly won over players around the world. Larian Studios did not expect such success, especially for a title coming out of early access. Its rich narrative, its enormous lifespan and its impressive possibilities have left their mark on people’s minds, as well as the video game industry. Unsurprisingly, it won the prestigious GOTY at the Games Awards which took place last December.

Even now, this third opus continues to be played all over the world, as there are so many different choices to make during the adventure. What’s more, the Belgian studio regularly publishes updates to correct certain bugs or add modifications. In this context, a new difficulty has appeared to the delight of the most seasoned players. This is honor mode where death is final and it is impossible to reload the game after a bad dice roll. While the difficulty is already very high compared to tactician mode, some have fun adding eccentric constraints, like this player who decided to complete honor mode by using the worst spell in the game more than 2000 times.

Complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Honor Mode with the worst fate in the game

Fracture is a YouTuber who has become known within the Baldur’s Gate 3 community for his various videos where he takes on challenges that are as impressive as they are hilarious. A few days ago, he released a video where he announced that he had beaten honor mode, the highest difficulty where death is permanent and game reloads are impossible, by using the least powerful spell in the game 2,468 times. . This is a strike spell called “True Strike” in English, which is often the subject of discussion among fans about its usefulness. This is the only offensive he decided to use in his session. Do not watch the video if you do not want to be spoiled.

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In this race I did not use explosives. There were no shenanigans with dead bodies. I didn’t attack my enemies or use the special abilities of weapons that deal damage.

He actually ends the game in act 3 and doesn’t stop in the second act like some speedrunners do. Fracture only uses a spell that doesn’t do damage, but managed to do a little thanks to an item. In short, this is yet another feat from a Baldur’s Gate 3 player, proving that fans have no shortage of creativity.

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