Game news “February is busy”: There is so much competition that the studio behind the remake of The Witcher is pushing back its new game a week before its release

Game news ‘February is busy’: There’s so much competition that the studio behind The Witcher remake is pushing back its new game a week before release

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The end of February is approaching and with it the release of highly anticipated titles. In addition to Skull & Bones and Mario vs Donkey Kong available since today, the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is also being released at the end of the month. Big releases that scare Fool’s Theory.

The Thaumaturge has a new release date

Despite appearances, 2024 offers a busy start to the year for video game players. If the titles released over the last 45 days display less ambitious ambitions than those of 2023 (at the same time, for example, Hogwarts Legacy was released), the fact remains that excellent games are appearing. In January, for example, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Palworld, Enshrouded and Tekken 8 attracted the spotlight. In this half of February, titles such as Persona 3 Reload, Grand Blue Fantasy: Relink and Mario vs Donkey Kong are also critically acclaimed. The second month of the year is not over but is already scary. This is the case with Fool’s Theory. The studio, whose next game was expected on February 20, has decided to postpone it:

Since the February launch period was very busy, we decided to postpone the release of Thaumaturge (…) The game is complete, but we want to give it space so that it can be enjoyed the way we think it should be. ‘he deserves it.

To conclude its message, Fool’s Theory gives two meetings to the players. The first, impossible to satisfy, is set for 1905 in Warsaw: it is in this context that The Thaumaturge takes place, a CRPG taking place in the Polish capital including multiple choices and turn-based combat. The second meeting is set for March 4, the new release date of the game on PC (Steam, GoG and Epic Games).

A release well ahead of The Witcher remake

A new release date which brings The Thaumaturge a week after the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the most anticipated game of 2024… and which takes around 100 hours to complete. Furthermore, the month of March is also far from empty in terms of game releases. As for the expected titles, we can always talk about Unicorn Overload scheduled for March 8. Enough to start a very busy week in mid-March, with one after the other Alone in the Dark, Princess Peach: Showtime, Rise of the Ronin and Dragon’s Dogma 2

Despite everything, Fool’s Theory must above all tell itself that it should not hang around either. After the publication of The Thaumaturge, the studio (which includes former CD Projekt employees who worked on the three The Witcher games) will perhaps tackle the development of the remake of The Witcher 1. It is up to them to has been entrusted with the project but we will have to wait a while longer before seeing it published. In fact, this remake will result from technologies (all episodes are produced under Unreal Engine 5) used to create Polaris (the first episode of the new trilogy) and will therefore be released after the latter. Its production is expected to begin this year.

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