Game news Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: new cutscenes are hidden in this other FF7 game, Square Enix has found the perfect way to make you play it

Game news Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: new cutscenes are hidden in this other FF7 game, Square Enix has found the perfect way to make you play it

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Before the official release of FF7 Rebirth, you can now discover some new cutscenes… by playing another FF7 game

The little surprise

You’ve read all the FF7 Rebirth reviews and you can’t wait until February 29 to discover all the secrets of Square Enix’s RPG? Well… we may have just what you need. As you probably know, there are numerous video games related to the Final Fantasy VII universe. To put things in order, Square Enix has brought everything together in an application called “Ever Crisis” released in 2023. Behind this funny name, we find a free-to-play experience, designed for mobile media but playable on PC, telling each story through chaptered narration.

Currently, this famous FF7: Ever Crisis is offering a crossover event with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. In a sense, it’s normal that Square Enix does a little advertising for its new baby in its mobile application. But it goes further. In this event, Square Enix took cutscenes from Rebirth and interspersed them with combat, as is usual with Ever Crisis. However, if there are indeed extracts that players saw in the FFVII Rebirth demo (chapter 1 with Cloud and Sephiroth), there are also new cutscenes, from chapters 2 and 3 which no one has played yet (except the specialized press, of course). So, does this motivate you to (re)launch Ever Crisis?

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And otherwise, FF7 Rebirth, is it good?

Scheduled for February 29 on PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth delighted the world press, since it was awarded a 93/100 on Metacritic. For our part, we gave it a 19/20 for multiple reasons. First of all, for its gameplay: while Final Fantasy VII Remake offered gameplay that was as catchy as it was accessible, Rebirth sublimates it by bringing numerous improvements. To put it simply, the depth of gameplay is increased and leaves more room for experimentation in team combinations. In addition, freed from the narrow environments of Remake, the heroes of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth reveal themselves more and affinities have an importance in the mechanics.

Rebirth also offers six different regions (Prairie, Junon, Corel, Gongaga, Canyon Cosmo and Nibelheim) that we explore throughout the progression, which is much better than what the Remake offered. Finally, and as we imagined, Rebirth follows in the footsteps of Final Fantasy VII Remake by managing to both pay homage to the original plot while developing its own storylines.. If you want more information on why we loved the adventure, this is the place.

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