Game news Funded extremely quickly at 300% of its budget, this fantasy RPG is inspired by the greatest

Game news Funded extremely quickly at 300% of its budget, this fantasy RPG is inspired by the greatest

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This week, the developers of this video game were treated to a very warm welcome to their project, called Runa. On closer inspection, we feel that this fantasy role-playing game is inspired by the greatest as we see Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Persona and Final Fantasy, to name a few. Despite this abundance of influences, the players were immediately charmed and the developers have already collected three times the requested amount… in the space of a week!

A dazzling financing that follows in the footsteps of Eiyuden Chronicles

Now, thanks to online crowdfunding platforms, we are seeing great stories emerge and, above all, video games that tickle our nostalgia or promise to be a totally original experience. In recent years, it’s a strategy that has been quite successful in some ways, such as Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes which celebrates, just today, its global launch after no less than five long years of development. This passage through the “crowdfunding” box, the small team of Fennec Studio crossed it not so long ago by presenting their first project to Internet users: Runa.

Behind this name, as short as it is mysterious, Fennec Studio sells us the promise of an independent adventure game which is inspired by the classics of Japanese role-playing games and the famous turn-based combat system. In addition to that, the Runa developers also thought about introducing a feature that allows characters to maintain links, all in a story through a world mixing science fiction and fantasy. Just eighteen hours after clicking the button to put the project online on the Kickstarter platform, the developers were treated to a wonderful surprise.

More than 150,000 euros raised in one week, there are 23 days left to reach all levels!

Six p.m. This duration, this is the time it took the members of Fennec Studio to raise the €45,000 they needed to realize the development of Runa. However, the exceptional reception given to this project did not stop once it reached the finish line. Highlighted by the platform thanks to its little “Project We Love” button, the project benefited from an even greater spotlight and, above all, from a dizzying financial contribution. At present, the crowdfunding campaign is far from over and has already raised more than 300% of the initial amount requested!

It’s a waking dream that the Madrid-based developers at Fennec Studio are living at the moment. While they still have 23 days to go – the campaign ends on May 16 – they have already reached the sum of 150,000 dollars. No need to mention the exact amount – come on, €152,643 – since it is growing visibly and will be obsolete. In order to mobilize more support for this campaign, the developers of Runa have decided to introduce new funding levels. At this stage, players already know that they will be entitled to a fishing mini-game, an additional key character as well as a farm and kitchen management system. If this project makes you curious, you can always contribute your stone to the building: the stretch goal €180,000 is waiting for you!

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