Game news It’s the perfect compromise between Diablo and Path of Exile: I discovered Last Epoch

Game news It’s the perfect compromise between Diablo and Path of Exile: I discovered Last Epoch

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Both literally and figuratively, this game released on February 21 slots in between Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2. After four years of early access, it is available in 1.0 since February 21 on PC. So it’s finally the opportunity to see what he offers for the genre, and it’s quite interesting. We tell you.

Be careful, it’s blocked!

Victim of its success but above all of the curiosity it arouses, Last Epoch has had serious server problems since its release. During each of our gaming sessions, latency interfered with our multiple actions. Delay before accessing the menu, zone changes that take a long time to arrive… Enough to spoil the online experience of players, some of whom hastened to publish their dissatisfaction on the game’s Steam page. A problem partly solved by the ability to create a character offline. However, it remains impossible to change the configuration of a character already created.

Last Epoch, after four years, finally enters early access. Hack’n’slash has been available on PC since February 21. An experience that offers a good compromise between the two big names of the genre: Diablo and Path of Exile.

A story of time

Although Diablo 4 has moved up a gear in this area, the story and story context are rarely the seductive assets of a hack’n’slash game: it is often about slashing and slicing and an invasion of the invader, whoever he may be, serves as the perfect pretext to justify our destructive behavior.

Last Epoch is no exception to the rule. The world of Eterra, ruled by deities, is in chaos. Each era of the world is heading towards its ruin. It’s up to the player to travel between eras using time crystals and ensure the survival of humanity. As for the plot, it is quite summary and nothing during my first hours of play convinced me to be interested in it. It is in the background and this is all the more confirmed as on the game’s Steam page, it is only very briefly mentioned.

Last Epoch: a hint of Diablo 3 and Path of Exile

However, the story and its context shine indirectly. Traveling between eras is an excellent idea since it allows you to justify (for no reason precisely) colossal differences in aesthetics. Between a world touched by the void, another conquered by an empire made up of immortals or even a nation of birds born of the sun, we take in the sights. This is also one of the big changes that we see between the early access version and 1.0: there has been a lot of work around shadows and lights.

Last Epoch is visually very pleasant but risks offending some players: it is far from being dark-fantasy and moves away from Diablo 2 and 4 and is much more reminiscent of… Diablo 3. A feeling due to the artistic direction , but not only.

Banco, it is also through what the game offers that I had flashbacks of my adventures in the third game in the Blizzard saga. Last Epoch offers a leveling system with experience (acquired through fights and quests). Each additional level allows you to have talent points to put in the passive tree: the latter allows you to acquire new spells and powerful passive abilities. For the thief, it is via this tree that you can equip a blade in each hand; for the sorcerer, it will be inevitable to use it to set his targets on fire more easily.

Furthermore, these are also the skills which each have their own talent tree, but only five can be chosen by the player. These allow them to be modified, passively (with damage boosts for example) or actively (by changing their shape, their way of being used) as the runes could do in Diablo 3. Enough to increase tenfold the range of possibilities of dizzying way, especially since legendary items and armor sets exist: they too can change spells radically.

In order to push this customization, the basic classes (Sorcerer, Thief, Primalist, Sentinel, Acolyte) each have three sub-specializations. The sorcerer can devote himself to runomancy; the thief be a falconer; or the primalist as shaman. If it is impossible for him to change sub-specialty during the game, the player can absolutely change the spells he has improved during his adventure.

In short, Last Epoch is Diablo 3 with a bit of Path of Exile. It offers gigantic customization of his character which should allow players to devote hours and hours to him.

Controller gameplay

This very complete gameplay shows its limits… when playing with a controller. While handling comes naturally to combat, navigating the different talent trees is no walk in the park. A fortiori when there are server problems”.

Last Epoch is also its own sauce

Last Epoch, however, is distinguished by several systems, particularly during the creation of its character.

First of all, it is possible to choose between online or offline play. The first is dedicated to interaction with other players while the second helps avoid possible server problems. It is also possible to embark on the adventure in Hardcore mode as well as in Self Found: it is then impossible to interact with other players. Something that combines well with one of Last Epoch’s features.

At the end of the game (chapter 9), the player must choose between two factions.

There’s the Circle of Destiny, aimed at those who prefer to loop content to collect unique and legendary items. Thanks to prophecies, it is even possible to target specific objects. The other, complicated for offline play, is the merchant guild. It has an auction house where it is the player’s notoriety that decides their ability to sell or buy items.

Without going into details, Last Epoch also offers an accessible crafting system essential for optimizing your equipment at the end of the game. It is also possible to filter objects dropped by enemies who died in combat: an interesting way to target what you are looking for.

In short, Last Epoch can perfectly address players nostalgic for Diablo 3 but also players looking for more complete customization à la Path of Exile. While there are still a few features to adjust, Last Epoch is undoubtedly a hack’n’slash experience worth trying.

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