This male first name, worn by Pierre Niney in this new Netflix series, has been all the rage since the 2000s

This first name is one of the most given in France since the 2000s and is worn by the main actor of this new successful Netflix series.

It is one of the most popular first names in France: it is in the top 10 of the most given first names since the year 2000. Worn by the actor Pierre Niney in the new Netflix series “Fiasco”, it continues to gaining popularity and this is not about to stop. Made up of three syllables, this Italian-sounding first name has particularly appealed to young parents since the mid-2000s.

This first name of biblical origin takes its origin from one of the seven archangels. It is so widespread in the country that it accounts for no less than 4,000 births per year, thus occupying 9th place among the most fashionable first names over the last two decades. This first name is Raphael. It is very appreciated for its diversity, as revealed by its female variant Raphaëlle, also successful for around twenty years. This trend can also be explained by the taste for biblical first names and the many celebrities who bear this name, such as the singer Raphaël, the football player Raphaël Varane or the tennis player Rafael Nadal.

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What does the name Raphael mean?

Raphael is a first name of Hebrew origin which means “God heals”. It refers to the angel Raphael, one of the seven archangels present in the Bible. Raphael was a protective angel, sent by God, whose mission was to accompany Tobias and find the remedy that could cure his father’s blindness. It is considered the allegory of protection and represents the power of healing.

Perceived as the figure of divine providence, the first name Raphael is very old since it was already present among the Jews as early as 1350 BC. It is strongly anchored in History: it is mentioned in one of the letters of Pabi, prince of Lachish in Israel, which is addressed to the pharaoh Akhenaten. Celebrated on September 29, this angelic first name refers to Saint Raphael who is also considered the patron saint of travelers, in reference to his journey with Tobias.

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Personality of the Raphaël

Raphaëls are very sensitive at heart and are very often described as “blue flowers”. They are tender and are very good at listening and comforting people. They are generous and loyal people who can be counted on in friendship as well as in love. Very reliable, the Raphaël are people who will not disappoint you and who will give you unconditional support. But this great sensitivity can often contrast with the tantrums that they can have unexpectedly. These are boys who are aware of their worth and who sometimes tend to be a bit too pretentious. It is therefore important to point out to them when this is the case.

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Their pretension is often justified by their intelligence and their liveliness of mind. They are very curious boys who like to educate themselves and who are not afraid to speak up to assert themselves and say what they think. Very perfectionist and demanding, sometimes to the point of obsession, they can very quickly annoy the people around them, particularly at work. So it is important that they practice meditation regularly so that they can release the pressure. They are quite atypical people who like to explore unusual professions such as astrologer or even dowser. As children, the Raphaëls are full of goodwill and like to devote their time to their passions. Artists at heart, they are particularly fond of drawing and all kinds of manual activities that they enjoy practicing with their parents. They are very friendly children who are easy to get along with and easily adapt to all situations. They are generally very good at school because they quickly assimilate what they are taught.

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