Game news League of Legends knocks us out, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth at the top, here is the recap of today’s JV news!

Game news League of Legends knocks us out, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth at the top, here’s the recap of today’s JV news!

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Like every day, we’ll meet at 6 p.m. for your summary of video game news from the last 24 hours! Today: on February 23, we’re going to talk about Riot’s Project L and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

League of Legends characters will be able to compete in a fighting game! Finished Project L, the new game from Riot Games finally has a real name

It’s okay, the fighting game from the League of Legends universe, previously called “Project L”, takes its real name! It will therefore be “2XKO”, and it is expected for 2025… Riot released the news with a new trailer that seriously envy. It’s beautiful, it moves really well – and as a reminder, it will be 2v2 versus fighting (one active character and the other in stock that you can draw whenever you want). In a second video, Riot Games explains that the game has entered another phase of development with a larger team. More info is coming this year, with even a playable demo at EVO in Japan. Clearly, a closed beta is brewing behind the scenes.

Palworld largely dominates the world of video games. Zelda, Elden Ring and Hogwarts Legacy are outdated

If you thought the Palworld madness was over, you’re far from it… Yesterday, Pocketpair studio announced that its baby had passed 25 million players worldwide across its PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions. As a reminder, the title is available for individual purchase, on Steam and Microsoft stores, but also in the Game Pass PC | consoles. In short, it is possible to play it without breaking the bank – which has fueled the craze around this “Pokémon with guns”. As a reminder: the title is the biggest launch for a third-party project on Game Pass.

You are probably aware that the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth tests were released yesterday, and that it was a critical hit. The second part of the Square Enix remake scores 93/100 on Metacritic, a reference site whose score serves as a ‘consensus’ in the industry. At JV, we gave it a 19/20 and consider it the “best game in the modern Final Fantasy saga”. And still on Metacritic, Rebirth becomes the second “FF” with the best rating, behind Final Fantasy 9 and ahead of a tied list at 92/100 which brings together FF6, 10, 12 and Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker! Not bad.

Continue to “entertain, surprise and delight”, these are PlayStation’s missions according to this director

We continue with news from Jim Ryan, the ex-boss of PlayStation… In a short interview given to Variety, man notes that Sony remains an “entertainment company”“If we continue to entertain, delight and surprise our gaming community, I think Totoki-san and those who follow him will do very well.” Ryan is referring here to Hiroki Totoki – Sony’s CFO who oversees the interim head of PlayStation. Recently, this Japanese spoke in the context of the company’s latest financial results. The PS5 notably missed its sales targets.

You’ll be able to play with more people in Helldivers 2, but that won’t solve all the problems

Things are looking up for Helldivers 2! While many players have been unable to log into the title for several days, the studio behind the project – Arrowhead – has just published several patches. Servers can now accommodate more people than before, which should prevent endless queues. Also, a patch has been added to detect players who run the game all day in the hope of finding a place after dark.

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