Game news Survival video games are popular at the moment, especially with the arrival of Nightingale from the creators of Mass Effect

Game news Survival video games are all the rage right now, especially with the arrival of Nightingale from the creators of Mass Effect

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Survival video games continue to flourish. With the arrival of Nightingale from the creators of Mass Effect, this craze continues.

Survival video games are all the rage right now. After Palworld, Enshrouded or recently Sons of the Forest (which came out of early access on February 22, 2024), it’s Nightingale’s turn from the creators of Mass Effect to make its debut. As a reminder, in 2018, Aaryn Flynn founded a new studio called “Improbable” based in Canada after having worked for 17 years at Bioware (known in particular for having made the Mass Effect saga). Later renamed Inflexion Games, the company began development of Nightingale.

In this title, you begin a journey of survival and adventure in the Fae realms. Solo or in cooperation, you can then build, craft, fight. In Nightingale, exploration is done by venturing into mystical portals leading to a variety of realms.

The team indicates that the narrative was designed for players to create their own adventures. “ What’s important to us is not that it’s a narrative game with a beginning and an end » announces Inflexion Games in the columns of GameSpot. “ Rather, it’s about providing a really interesting premise and story depth that may not be as prevalent in traditional survival and crafting games, so players can access their own stories » explains the team.

A launch disrupted by saturated servers

However, a bit like Helldivers 2, Nightingale had a complicated launch. Even if it is possible to play alone, it is mandatory to connect to the servers to access the software. Because of its greater than expected success, the infrastructures did not support the influx of players, making access to the title impossible. Due to this problem, the software received a mixed reception with an average rating of 60% out of almost 7,000 reviews on Steam.

Holy crap, I didn’t see the mandatory connection coming to play even solo. Each query is super long. To enter the game, load the world, etc. We find ourselves waiting for a server »complains a first Internet user. “ The game is excellent and is full of good ideas, but it’s super frustrating to be forced to connect to the server even when you’re alone », Adds a second.

Faced with the discontent of users, the team therefore wanted to react on their site official by prioritizing all their work on setting up an offline mode. “ Our vision for the game since its inception was to create a series of interconnected realms, with the idea of ​​enabling cooperative exploration in mind. The cooperative gameplay associated with having party members in multiple realms was the most technically challenging problem and therefore the one we chose to solve first » reveals the studio regarding the absence of an offline mode. “ We are currently prioritizing and developing an offline mode which we plan to release as soon as possible » Inflexion then apologizes.

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