Gaming News There are only three video games confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in May, but they’re some killer titles!

Game news There are only three video games confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in May, but they’re some killer titles!

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Currently, only three new games have been made official to join the Xbox Game Pass catalog in May 2024. If the list could grow in the days to come, these three titles promise to be nuggets that have what to keep you busy during the coming month.

Like every month, new titles arrive in Xbox Game Pass while others leave. If at present we do not know the list of all the games which will no longer be available, three games which have been made official to join the catalog of Microsoft’s subscription service in May. And the least to say is that players will be able to benefit from a big cartridge that has been awaited for a long time.

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Hellblade 2, big Xbox cartridge for 2024

Among the three games announced to join the Xbox Game Pass catalog in May, the biggest release is obviously that of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II on May 21. As its name suggests, it is the sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice also developed by Ninja Theory. Players are therefore encouraged to follow Senua’s new adventures, always in a setting inspired by Nordic mythology, where the theme of madness will still be present.

As with the first game, we can expect an impressive visual result, at least that’s what the first trailers released so far suggest. On the other hand, in terms of lifespan, we can expect an experience in the same vein as the original game, that is to say relatively short. However, luckily other titles are also coming to Xbox Game Pass this month.

Two new indie experiences for Game Pass in May!

If Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is the only new AAA to be added to Xbox Game Pass in May 2024, two interesting independent games will also accompany it. In the first place, the highly anticipated Little Kitty, Big City will be available from May 9. Given the name, it is obviously a game in which you play as a cat. But unlike Stray, here the adventure promises to be cuter, in a contemporary universe and especially in an open world. So we play a feline in the streets of a big city who must carry out different missions in a very endearing atmosphere.

There are only three video games confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in May, but they're some killer titles!

And to finish this overview, Hauntii is closing the dance with its release scheduled for May 23. With its original and beautiful graphics and artistic direction, we play Hauntii, a courageous but naive ghost in search of answers in a mysterious world. Thanks to his powers, our character can haunt objects or people which will help him solve puzzles and move forward. With all that, there is plenty to do in May in Xbox Game Pass, even if it is possible that new games will still be announced in the days to come.

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