Gas boiler prohibited, new rules for real estate loans… The 3 news of the day for your money

New, more favorable conditions for certain borrowers, a dirty bill for 12 million households with a gas boiler… MoneyVox summarizes the 3 news from Tuesday, June 13 for your money.

Good news for some borrowers

Extra flexibility. The Minister of the Economy and the Banque de France decided on Tuesday to authorize banks to encourage the granting of real estate loans to purchasers of property intended for rental. This is what emerges from the highly anticipated meeting that took place at the HSCF (High Council for Financial Stability), an organization attached to the Banque de France, and chaired by Bruno Le Maire. Here is what will change for rental investors, but also for all borrowers.

What the (probable) ban on gas boilers will cost

The noose is tightening around the gas boilers. To achieve its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the government is considering banning new boilers.

Currently, 12 million homes are heated by gas, including 5 million in individual houses, 3.5 million in collective housing with individual heating and 3.5 million in collective heating. That is a total of 40% of households. This is to say the impact of this project on the population, alerts the UFC-Que Choisir.

A site that promises to be costly for many households, alert several experts. Explanations.

The threat of a dramatic rise in gas prices

Engie’s regulated gas tariff will disappear on June 30. Millions of households are affected. Good news however, the government has promised to maintain the price shield on gas prices, which protects you from a possible price spike. But beware, this protection will end at the end of the year. A good chance to anticipate.

End of regulated gas tariffs: were you interested in leaving Engie for this fixed price offer from EDF?

Call for testimonials on the difficulties of access to real estate credit

Access to credit is difficult. The rates continue to rise, while the decline in stone prices is still pending. You have a real estate project, but the rise in rates complicates things? Are you going to modify your project (more contribution, longer loan period)? Have you decided to reconsider your purchase (declining surface area, geographical distance…) or to put it on hold?

You can tell us about your experience by sending us an email at the following address: [email protected]. Your contribution will then be anonymized. Thank you in advance for your participation.

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