Adriana Karembeu, this ploy put in place to pose for Wonderbra underwear: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Popular presenter in France, Adriana Karembeu was revealed to the world through modeling. The one who had started medical studies ultimately dedicated part of her career to the world of fashion in which her figure allowed her to shine. In his autobiography, entitled Free and published on May 2, 2024, Nina’s mother spoke about one of the memorable castings of her professional career. In the late 1990s, Adriana Karembeu is in New York. Wondebra launched a landmark campaign with model Eva Herzigová. The one who would later become Michel Cymes’ sidekick on France 2 wants to be like her.

She knows that the brand is launching a very important casting campaign and she wants to be part of it. My agency is against, she finds the ad too cheap. Plus, I have raven hair, and Wonderbra is looking for a blonde. But I’m ready for anything. I take the plane from New York to Paris and go straight to the great colorist Christophe Robin, the originator of the sublime color of Catherine Deneuve. I tell her: ‘I have forty-eight hours to be blonde.’ He replies: ‘You’re crazy, you’re going to lose your hair!’ I persisted and, with the help of his genius, the miracle took place. Armed with this color that suits me so well, I go to the place video casting”remembers Adriana Karembeu in her book.

A ploy that will lead her to success

When she arrives at the casting location, Adriana Karembeu must face the facts: she will have competition. “Ten thousand girls” are presented. But Adriana Karembeu has not said her last word: “I clearly have a smaller chest size than theirs. I bought a black satin padded bra with white polka dots from Chantal Thomass just before, but I’m not yet completely convinced by my neckline. I then have the idea of ​​slipping my socks in there, which seems to do the trick this time!” Result: Adriana Karembeu “gets the contract”. “They will then drive back three times.” History will prove him right since sales figures will double following the broadcast of his advertising. Some will even have to be removed “buses due to road accidents” what they cause!

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