Gay dating app: China bans Grindr from app stores

Gay dating app
China bans Grindr from app stores

The Grindr dating app is popular with homosexuals, but suddenly it can no longer be found in China’s app stores. There seem to be image-related reasons for this. Especially before the Olympic Games, the country wants to exude a “civilized and healthy” atmosphere.

The popular gay dating app, Grindr, has disappeared from several app stores in China. According to Qimai, a research company specializing in mobile communications, Grindr was removed from Apple’s App Store on Thursday. The dating app could no longer be found on Android or on platforms operated by Chinese companies. Grindr and Apple initially did not respond to AFP’s request for comment.

On the other hand, local Grindr competitors like Blued are still available for download. Former Chinese owner of Grindr, Beijing Kunlun Tech, sold the app to investors in 2020 after pressure from US authorities. Washington feared that the data could be misused and pose a threat to national security.

Since 1997, homosexuality has no longer been a criminal offense in China. However, same-sex marriage is still prohibited and LGBTQ issues remain taboo. Homosexual love relationships are also not allowed to be shown in films.

In the run-up to the Winter Olympics and New Year celebrations, the Chinese Internet Authority last Tuesday announced a month-long campaign against rumours, pornography and other sensitive web content. The aim is to create “a civilized, healthy, festive and auspicious atmosphere on the Internet”.

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