Genesis Group CEO in an interview

Hardly anyone experienced the 2008 financial crisis as closely as Dr. Marco Krohn. As an investment banker, the doctor of physics was responsible for asset-backed securities, the financial products that led to the big crash. In the podcast he tells his story and why the films The Big Short and Margin Call are damn close to reality.

Bitcoin and the change of heart

Krohn first came across Bitcoin in 2011. After initial skepticism, it only took him a few hours to realize that he was dealing with one of the greatest inventions since the Internet. He questioned the existing financial system and decided to take a new path.

He exchanged ideas with like-minded people and set up mining facilities. The result was Genesis Mining, the largest Bitcoin cloud miner in the world.

When asked which project he finds particularly exciting besides Bitcoin, he explains why, in his view, Avalanche represents a very special blockchain solution.

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